Tuesday 4 January 2011

Wetter not better.

As planned Tom and I headed back to Stob Coire nan Lochan today. Warmer and wetter all round. Walking in was distinctly unpleasant and the blast of horizontal rain as we crested into the Coire was enough to send most people back to the car. But we battled bravely onwards and headed for the crag and the base of Ordinary Route (IV, 4). Tom racked up and headed upwards splitting the bottom long pitch into two, he then continued up again,  I got the then 3rd pitch and Tom finished the route off.  Lots of wet snow was falling in showers throughout the day and the very top of the crag was good and frozen.
We topped out into a good strong wind so we beat a hasty retreat and headed back down into the rain.
A good couple of days out, I got to head back to Fort William and a comfy sofa - poor Tom however had to drive back to Devon - in fact I expect he's somewhere around Lancaster about now!

No pictures today - very wet and unhappy camera.

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