Monday 26 September 2011

And the answer is......

Thought I'd better let you know where the view was from - congratulations to Coops and especially Tommy B who left their guesses - you are right it was Dovestones Quarry, and the Lower Right Hand bit so the only bit that you didn't get quite right was the route! Nice of you to think I was on Bob Hope, but we were on a photography mission with Dan Lane and so he had specific routes he wanted me to do. First up was Ace of Spades at Dovestones Quarry, then Vanessa Hole at the Duckstones (and it really does look like a duck!), and finishing off with Broomstick at the Charnel Stones. The classic at this crag is an E4 slab called  Wastelands - a Steve Bancroft frightener. Looked great but not for a cold and windy day.
All these routes will be in the forthcoming BMC guidebook "Over the Moors" which should be out in time for next summers moorland grit season. (Although I'm sure I've heard that before - but fingers crossed!)
Here's a few of Dan's pictures from the day - ta Dan.

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