Sunday 6 November 2011

Bridestones Beauties.

Today was a perfect autumn day - clear blue skies, chilly morning, and a trip to a crag I haven't really climbed at before. Okay I have been once about a million years ago when I was a complete bumbly and couldn't do hardly any of the problems, and it was damp, howling wind kind of a day. In contrast today there wasn't a breathe of wind and I regretted the thermal trousers after about an hour. Probably not ideal grit conditions, and on a couple of problems that was a bit of an issue but on the whole it was so good not to be freezing I didn't really care!
I had seen pictures of Horror Arete in guidebooks and was pretty psyched to get that done, first go I had a bit of a commitment fear but fired it off second go with the addition of an extra pad - call me a wimp but I don't bounce like the youth! No pictures of me coz Ruth was busy spotting/ telling me to get on with it and not be such a wimp, but here's a couple of her making a sterling effort via the short-arse method! I'm starting to get concerns that she'll be burning me off if she carries on getting better again at this rate...... perhaps I need to make her train hard enough to break again???

And she's off!

Yesterday I was up in Kendal at the wall relaunch helping out with Lyon Equipment and I managed to get onto a workshop with Leah Crane - really useful stuff and definitely made me think about some of my climbing strengths and weaknesses....... more weaknesses!

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