Thursday 3 March 2011

Lofoten so far...

The weather out in Norway is not at it's best, in fact seems to be rather Scottish! Lukasz has put together a little bit of film from the first days adventure. Andy, Nick and Pete Benson went to try a route put up a few years ago by a swiss team, but were turned back a couple of pitches from the top by the conditions and the huge amounts of spindrift which threatened to drown them!

Yesterday the weather was really awful so they mostly drank coffee! The original plan was a bit of sight-seeing but when I asked why they weren't out and about checking out the sights Andy replied that "You need to be able to see for that."
So think they are out for some more adventures today, meanwhile have a look at this film and see if you can spot the green suit near the beginning.

LWimages RAW - Day in Lofoten... from Lukasz Warzecha - on Vimeo.

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