Thursday 21 April 2011

The time has come to train.....

The summer seems to have arrived a bit quicker than I had hoped, which means I need to be climbing better! All the sunshine is totally amazing and I've been getting out quite a lot over the last couple of weeks. Pretty psyched to sport climb at the moment and get strong and fit, so I've been sampling the delights of Cheedale which is right on my doorstep and has a good selection of low 7's for me to get stuck into. The main crags are all pretty dry, although a brief visit to the Cornice did show that it's still really dirty and dusty.
Further afield I've had a couple of days up in Yorkshire, Jonny G and I headed for Malham to start with but ran away with our fingertips blistering after 1 route and headed instead for Kilnsey (we weren't too popular with Ruth as she was out on her bike and it meant an extra few miles for her!). Perfect conditions for climbing at Kilnsey, in the shade and needing a warm jacket for belaying and a t-shirt for climbing. Just a shame it's all so steep and hard!! Not a fully successful visit but made some progress on a route and feel armed to go back and finish it off next time - and it's all good mileage.

The most successful bit of the day as far as I was concerned was the use of Jonny's CU Belay glasses - they are awesome - no sore neck at the end of the day, and I don't care if they look ridiculous!!

The more observant may also notice that the mop has gone - I'm hoping the weight loss will have a positive effect and not a Samson weakness effect!

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