Sunday 31 July 2011

Gritstone + Bolts???

That's right gritstone and bolts in the Peak! On friday I was down New Mills Torrs helping out with the bolting of the bridge. Myself, Martin,  Dan Lane, Wendy (Ruth's Mum) and Roger (Ruth's Stepdad) - with some help from New Mills Town Council, a cherry picker and the North West Bolt Fund, bolted up 4 lines on the viaduct.

What an experience - drilling whilst hanging out of a cherry picker at it's highest point (about 20m) is pretty gripping.
Keen youth Dan was back down on saturday to climb some of the lines and Martin and I have been there this evening to do some more cleaning - the routes are really sandy and dusty from the bolting. Should have some names and approximate grades this space.
Hopefully the 4 lines in are just the start and we'll be able to get a few more in over the next few weeks - the all-weather climbing facility just got even better!

Friday 29 July 2011

Lukasz - Photography Workshops

Not just content with flying around the world and taking fab pictures and videos, Lukasz has decided to put on some workshops. The first one is going to be in the autumn and it looks like it'll be brilliant - a great opportunity for people to learn loads, do some proper photoshoots with Dave Macleod  and have a great weekend out in the hills of North Wales.
Ruth is helping out with organising and looking after safety for the weekend too so no doubt I'll get dragged along.
Check out more details here.

Tuesday 12 July 2011

Check out the Behind the Scenes film

Matt Pycroft has put together this little film from Hoy. Enjoy.
Can't wait for the full film - crack on Paul Diffley!! There are also some screen grab images on Hotaches' facebook page - go check them out too.