Tuesday 17 March 2009

Wrapping up the Winter

Sorry folks I apologise for not keeping this space upto date over winter. Living between the back of my VW Transporter and peoples sofas wasnt very conjucive to being inspirational. Thanks to all those whose sofas I surfed over the past few months.

Ive now decided to quit Scotland for the winter as things have now gone a bit thermal nuclear, and the prospect of work looms on the horizon.

Its been a week now since my last climb which has given me time to reflect and recover from what was a very busy and productive week.

Ive learn over the years going into a Scottish winter to keep a very open mind about your aspirations. As we all know things can go from desperate to amazing within a couple of days.

Deciding to take this winter off from work wasnt a hard decision but staying motivated for the duration often is. The thing it gives you is the ability to be in the right place at the right time to be able to nail a project.

Having had an amazing start to the last years season with 'The Secret 'things were taking there time to get going this year what with injuries and illness.

But things as ive said can change so quickly, and to have the week I had last week makes all the sacrifices worthwhile.

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