Thursday 23 December 2010

International Press - have a look at these!

Looks like I have gained some international press cuttings - absolutley no idea what most of it means, my polish and spanish skills not exactly being top notch!
I'm sure it's all very complimentry! Ruth was quite pleased to get a mention too. So if anyone has amazing translation abilities do let me know.

Not quite got the photos captions right on this one, the shot which is a Mountain Equipment Advert is actually taken on Cracking Up. All good for M.E. anyway!

So have a Happy Christmas everyone and hope to be back with some news before new year.


LWimages - Photographs by Lukasz Warzecha said...

I'll do the Spanish one!!! :-)

Ramon Marin said...

i can do the polish one!

It's a nice article, using the pics of the secret and cracking up.

Andy Turner said...

You're just making me look stupid now you two!

Unknown said...

Polish grading table;
VIII-XI ekstremy

Like it