Tuesday 11 January 2011

Cathedral Photo - now in Climb

Make sure you pick up a copy of Climb this month. Great photo of The Cathedral taken by Lukasz. Sneak preview on the Mountain Equipment blog.

Off out to the Ecrin for the Ice Festival on Thursday - psyched!
Meeting up with Team Petzl, always good for a bit of  banter - how do they manage it when it's not even their first language? I'd stand no chance of banter in french.
Unfortunately it seems to have gone a bit warm out there so conditions may not be optimal - sure I'll still get completely pumped anyway!

Coming at a good time, just starting to feel back to normal after the Christmas excess, maybe the training with extra belly will have made me stronger?
You can have a look at the conditions and maybe get some inspiration on http://www.ice-fall.com/

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