Monday 14 March 2011

LLAMFF - This Weekend........

Since arriving back from Norway I have been in a complete spin! I'm appearing at LLAMFF on Saturday evening........and until I got home I hadn't even started putting together my show.
Of course I have been thinking about what I'm talking about and what photos I'd need and all that, but that's the easy part - actually trying to sort it out and do battle with Power Point is a different kettle of fish.
Luckily I have Lukasz on the end of a phone to get pictures and a bit of film, Ruth on hand to make the compter work and when all else fails I've got a promise from Dunc at Mountain Equipment to help out - well actually Rich Woodall promised him and is now he's off on paternity leave!

Anyway, I think it's all coming together and the line up is looking good for the weekend. Lukasz is on earlier in the day, Steve McClure and Lucy Creamer are just before me and the Keith Partridge is on just after and rounding off the evening is The Pinnacle - and that's just the saturday!!

Go and check out the LLAMFF website for the full programme and information on how to get tickets........... please don't heckle too much folks!
Look forward to seeing people at the festival and in a much more relaxed frame of mind after my talk - at the fricsan for the party!

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