Sunday 25 September 2011

Something Completely Different.......

To mark the end of New Mills Festival (don't ask, I have no idea what else went on really, apart from bits of knitting wrapped around lampposts/bikes/even a car) there was a lantern parade. All sounds quite hippy but was actually quite cool, loads of people had created amazing lanterns - including a giant penguin (easily 6ft tall) not sure what variety but impressive nonetheless and came accompanied by bona fida penguin noises recorded in Antarctica.
The parade started in the centre of town and went down the Torrs, along the Millenium Walkway which was all lit with flaming torches, past the crag which had a even lantern climber halfway up Electric Circus. I also noticed that strung in the archway of the bridge was a chandelier of lights all strapped onto the bolts recently placed - good to see they have come in useful for something else. Hmm, maybe that's why New Mills Town Council were so keen!
The parade finished up at the playing field behind Swizzles with dodgy local band White Van Man (some bloke out of Emmerdale apparently) and fireworks.
An unusual way to spend a friday evening, and exhausting as I then got roped into giving Ruth's nephew a pretty lengthy shoulder ride - how heavy is a 6 year old???

Anyway, took a bunch of photos so here are some to have a look at.


David Willsie said...

I think they've been doing something very like this for years in Dunedin, New Zealand, calling it the Parade of Lights, to mark the solstice in the southern hemisphere. A very cool and otherworldly experience.

Andy Turner said...

Having only just moved to New Mills it was amazing to see everyone out enjoying themselves with their home made lanterns. Definitely a good vibe. Might have to make my own for next year to try and beat the 7ft penguin.