Wednesday 14 December 2011

Tools but still no ice

Well it looks like winter is finally kicking off up in Scotland with some impressive early season ascents from young Greg Boswell. I am currently hanging out down in the Peak and trying to get as fit as possible for the pilgrimage north sometime soon. I was going to sneak off to Spain for a weeks sport climbing in the sunshine for the last flourish of summer but looks like that's not going to happen now so maybe it'll be a chance to get up north?
Tim on Tumble in the Jungle
I headed over to Wales for a couple of days this week hoping some conditions would come in, and had a brilliant session at White Goods with Tim Emmett on the way - that boy knows how to be prepared at the crag - espresso pot + stove, iphone + awesome mini-speaker, spare belay jacket that Mac got to use as a blanket and the best pair of retro fruit/comp boots I've ever seen!!

Even Ruth got hold of some tools on Jaz
On Power Pact - in the gathering gloom!

Always entertaining to hang out with Tim and his endless enthusiasm. Got a great workout with a few laps of Jaz and Tumble followed a burn on Power Pact down at the other sector - not climbed at this cave until now - steep!! And a bit loose in places, I was pretty keen to get the 3rd bolt of Power Pact clipped before committing tools to the big flakes!.

Welsh winter conditions were not in force, the predicted low temperatures didn't appear - just some gales and a whole lot of rain! Did go for a wander around yesterday and think I might have spied some new lines to have a go at, so hopefully it'll start to build some conditions over the next few days/weeks and I'll get chance to go and get them ticked.
Meanwhile - more training indoors until the next trip out.

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