Saturday 14 January 2012

Like Christmas again....

I popped into Mountain Equipment yesterday to collect my new batch of kit........ lucky me!
Ooooo, I like the look of this and with a cool hood and neck gaiter arrangement - super cosy.

It was a bit like christmas morning back at home, without the wrapping paper. Most of the kit is samples for next winters season - always good to get a sneak preview of what's going to be around.
Colour theme - definitely blue and green or at least in the selection I got.
Pulsar jacket on, hat on, now what else can I put on?
Loving the base/mid layer stuff (Vizion (?) Hooded and non hooded Zip Tee) I suspect I'll be wearing it almost constantly for the next few months. Fits really well and looks like it'll be perfect for climbing. I'll let you know. Perfect new hat too! All matching and everything.

Also, some great softshell - new Pulsar and a brilliant new primaloft/active shell jacket. I can't believe how far the softshell range has come, I remember getting a G2 jacket about 5 years ago and it felt a bit like cardboard, now everything is so much lighter and more supple it's become an irreplaceable part of my kit. I have particularly loved the Arrow Zip Tee over the summer - although I've had a hooded version as oppose to the currently available one - it's amazing.

This new box of goodies is the best thing about heading north - actually psyched to get it out on the hill.
Looks like there is a bit of ice building up in Scotland so I'm hopeful. Not looking good for mixed climbing though...........come on weather gods do your thing!

I apologise to ME if I've got names wrong for the new stuff - I think I lit the fire with the tags!! And you know what my memory is like!

What else would you wear to light the fire??  Doesn't everyone wear brand new kit!

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