Thursday 1 March 2012

All kinds of randomness.

It seems the UK mainstream press has finally gotten hold of the Long Hope story with articles appearing all over the place, from The Sun to the Telegraph - not a bad range!
All down to Lukasz having signed with some agency (Carters I think it's called) and they have been doing some good work getting the images out there.
Not much news from Canada, the boys seem to have gone off the radar, which must mean they are having probably lots of fun and getting stuff done, did hear something about Weeping Wall and ice and sunshine.......... jealous!

You may wonder where Andy got his love of winter climbing from, well I think my friend Catrin might just have found the answer, whilst flicking through a Rupert annual (1958) of Andy's (I don't think he had it from new.......!) she came across this story - much talk of frozen waterfalls......maybe that was the inspiration??

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