Wednesday 5 November 2008

Way out East

Now having finished a hard summer of work in North Wales myself and James Thacker are on our winter vacation over in Nepal, our destination the Khumbu and Phari Lapcha.

James and myself arrived in Kathmandu on Sunday. We spent the first day organising Visas and Kit with our agent. Yesterday we were due to fly into Lukla to start the 5 day trek into Basecamp. We were picked up from our hotel at 5 am only to spend 6 hours in the airport waiting for the weather to clear for the flight to depart. This never happened.

Now on day 2 of the wait. Weather in the mountains is worst than yesterday so the flights and people waiting to get into the mountains is increasing. Fingers crossed.

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Sally said...

wishing you guys good luck and have fingers cross for good weather. Take care.