Tuesday 8 November 2011

Chris Walker Memorial Trust....

Thanks to Dan for these pics from sunday's outing to Bridestones, I told you Ruth was spotting - although I'm not sure whether it would have been better to have camera and spotting duties the other way around.... once the camera was set up of course and just needed a button pressing!
Looks a much bigger boulder when Ruth's climbing it too!!

Onto other more important things...... a couple of years ago a good friend Chris Walker was killed in an avalanche on the Buchaille Etive Mor. His family and friends set up the Chris Walker Memorial Trust. Chris was great - top banter, top bloke and super psyched mountaineer especially in the greater ranges. Here's the official bit from the Trust:

In order to assist other climbers who share the same passion for the mountains as Chris, the Chris Walker Memorial Trust has been set up.
The CWMT will award an annual £1000 grant to help fund expeditions to the Greater Ranges. We welcome applications from aspiring Greater Ranges climbers who need help to fund expeditions with the objective of establishing new routes, repeating rarely attempted lines, or visiting unexplored areas. The closing date for applications will be 1st December each year, after which the trustees will meet and make their decision.

The CWMT will also be liaising with the national association of British Mountain Guides in order to provide a grant to subsidize the cost of the avalanche training part of the Guides' scheme for 2011/12.
In conjunction with the CWMT, the British Alpine Ski School (BASS) are annually offering a free place on their 'Ski Performance Course for Mountaineers'. The closing date for applications is 11th September each year. This years place being awarded to Jon Gupta.

If you might be interested in applying or finding out more then please go to the chriswalkertrust.co.uk/.

Go somewhere cool and remember Chris.

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