Friday 4 November 2011

Winter Photography Workshop - with Me!

I mentioned a few months ago that Lukasz was running a photography workshop in North Wales with Dave Macleod as the model - well the weekend was a great success and everything went pretty smoothly (well done Ruth for keeping the timings together!). So the plan is to run a winter edition up in Scotland with yours truly as the model. Not sure I'm quite the consummate professional that Dave is, but luckily winter is a bit different so thankfully I probably won't get asked to run laps on a boulder problem as the sun goes down!
This course is a little different form the last as in includes an extra day of winter skills at the start to make sure everyone is switched on and ready to tackle thinking about cameras (f-stops and all that - isn't that right Lukasz and Dan?) instead of thinking about tripping over crampons!
Check out Lukasz's blog for all the details, 2 places have gone already so if you are interested get on it - and remember christmas is just around the corner........
Details here.

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