Tuesday 21 February 2012

Careful boys!!

Andy, Gordon and Lukasz have been spending the last week nearly on a top secret photo mission for Petzl. So, no pictures for the blog I'm afraid or they'd have to kill you all! If Petzl didn't get to them first.
It's also been getting quite warm the last couple of days so as Bull River needs the river to be frozen this little story didn't sound too good!

"Belayed Gordon on his new route today. He just touched down on the frozen river when there was a massive roar, we both looked up stream to see all the frozen river lift under a massive surge of water from above - we both just looked at each other grabbed all our kit and ran! We think some ice must have released from above and dropped into the water creating the surge. All pretty scary but OK. Off to Haffner Creek tomorrow for a couple of days."

Hope there aren't any surging rivers there!!!

More when I hear the next.

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