Friday 3 February 2012

Castle in the Sky

Launching out into the roof.

Figure of Four-ing it up!
Total respect to Dave Macleod for his new route Castle in the Sky on Druim Shionnach out on the road to Skye.

Ruth and I headed up with him on Monday for him to give it a go and by an impressive feat of strength and agility he climbed it first go. 
I was hanging on a rope doing my best Lukasz impression and Ruth got the less glamorous and slightly more terrifying job of belaying.
Being in close proximity to someone trying really hard and looking so relaxed was inspirational and I'm now psyched to get myself fit enough to think about giving the route a go.

I think the thing I'm most worried about is the gear which didn't look great and I'm a whole lot heavier than Dave to be testing it!

Shame I've blown the on-sight!! (Yes, I am definitely joking there.)

Get along to Dave's blog and read what he had to say about it. And look out for Ruth's view on the Mountain Equipment blog soon.

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