Thursday 27 October 2011

More sunshine, more gritstone sending.....

Yesterday I headed out with Ruth and both my personal photographers!! Lukasz and Dan, who amazingly both put their shoes on and did some climbing.
We scooted off to Cratcliffe for some high quality bouldering and we were joined by Elinor, Wilson and baby Bella who made her feelings on the place well felt for the first half of the day and only seemed happy once she was about to be leaving for Bakewell Tart/Pudding.

We went all over Cratcliffe and Robin Hood Stride seeking out the classics, I've only been once before and was thunderstormed off, so it was brilliant to have a good tour round. Did loads of great problems, attempted a whole load more and am psyched to go back soon.
Lukasz had been set a challenge by Paul Diffley not to look at the pictures he was taking whilst out for the day, like going back to the days of slides and having to wait for development. So he hasn't sorted his photos out yet, but Dan has sent me a few through so here they are.

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