Thursday 6 October 2011

The nerve centre....

I'm sure most people realise that without Ruth I would be in a technology desert - luckily she seems to be on hand most of the time and has spent all afternoon behind at least 2 computers trying to get my lecture for Edinburgh Film Festival sorted out. What have I been doing??? Ermm, unpacking a box of shiny new kit from Mountain Equipment and bringing her cans of coke on request.
As you can see I've donated her one of the beanies - a Committed beanie - in green of course!

Ruth would like to send a HUGE thank you to Dunc at Mountain Equipment for the loan of the iMac! Anyone who has a spare one knocking around feel free to send it over, it'll have a good home and keep the other Mac company! (That's the hound for those unacquainted!)

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